1919-2017 Monthly


3 responses to “1919-2017 Monthly”

  1. jw carpenter, Ph.D.

    Very iteresting. I like your comments on the usefulness of this data. Thanks and well done.\jwc

  2. Pete Brock

    Thanks for the compliment, jwc.

  3. Hitesh Shah


    Brock Value invention to analyse fundamentally is one of the best I have seen in a long time. I a Chief Market Technician for Peak Performance advisors and I consult with financial advisors and CFP on technical side. I have developed longterm Robust Swing model (RSM) with similar accuracy that gives Buy, Sell and Short signals on S&P 500 index since 1960. My signals and Brock value are compliment to each others as the entries and exits are triggered during the same time. Over last 55 years RSM triggered only 13 Buy and Sell signals and 4 Short signals. All this signals correlate with the Brock value but the entries and exits are very precise.

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