what is the market worth

Brock Value Today
What is the S&P 500 worth now? Where is the market trading in relation to fair value? Find out on this page, updated each month.Read more >

The Brock Value Story
First Ben tied PEs to interest rates. Then Warren revealed his best metric. Finally, Carl held the multiplier constant. I did the rest.Read more >

How to Calculate BV
As a quick rule of thumb, “y over 2i” works almost as well as the full-blown formula. But we’re sticklers for accuracy around here.Read more >

Valuation Pitfalls
A low valuation does not tell you how low the market will go or when it will return to normal. These and other deceptions await the unaware.Read more >

BV Charts 1919-2016
The best way to judge an indicator is to see how it behaved in cycles past. View monthly charts from 1919 and weekly charts from 1962.
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BV vs Classic Ratios
Compare traditional valuation metrics side by side, and see at a glance the quality of the information provided. One metric rules them all. Read more >

The Look Back Effect
Most investors think what has happened will keep happening, so they push valuations to extremes and make fools of rational investors.Read more >

45 Years of Brock Value
From the Kennedy Panic in 1962 to the top of the real estate bubble in 2006, take a guided tour of stock market valuation through the years.
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Market Cycles 101
The real reason the stock market swings up and down, the four stages of a market cycle, and the one surprise that shouldn’t be.
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